I consider Darby Doors to be the foremost provider of doors, trim, hardware and other products in the entire multifamily industry.

I have known and done business with Cliff Darby and Darby Doors since 1994. I use them exclusively on all our projects. They are a trusted member of our team.

CBC is a national company having done business in many states from coast to coast. Darby Doors travels with us and provides the same first class service in all parts of the country.

We negotiate the vast majority of our projects and assist clients with budgeting from a conceptual stage.  Monitoring the budgeting throughout the design ensures costs are in line with the budget when construction begins.  Darby Doors is an invaluable resource and team member throughout this process.  Doors, trim and other services they provide are a considerable percentage of the total.  We count on their expertise when establishing both scope and budget.  Furthermore, we depend on them to deliver during construction.  They always deliver.

During construction they provide skilled workmen for installation. Their turn key approach relieves us as the GC from spending time worrying about that part of the work.

Cliff Darby is involved and always available to assist and resolve problems if they surface. He “grew up” in the business and has expertise to resolve any issue. His hands on approach gives us confidence that he will ensure everything works properly.

I recommend Darby Doors without reservation to anyone interested in a true partnering approach between a GC, client or anyone needing Darby Doors’ products and services. They are the best in the industry.

- Jay Chapman / Capstone Building Corporation / Birmingham, AL